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How it works

Simple to use customer testimonial / SERP reviews widget (with rating) that is placed on a web page of your website, blog or online store.

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Step 1 - Register and get your code

Once you get your code from the website or via email all you need to do is add it to your webpage.

Step 2 - Adding the code to your page

This first part is placed where you want the customer testimonials to appear on your website. An ideal location is a side column next to product or service offerings.

<!-- Place where you want testimonials to appear -->
<div id="trobot"></div>

Or if you want to use custom CSS for you widget

<!-- Place where you want testimonials to appear -->
<style> #trobot div {font-family:Arial,Helvetica}</style>
<div id="trobot"></div>

The second part of the code (below) is placed on the bottom of the same page just before the closing </body> tag. Why? Because this prevents any latency from the widget affecting the loading of the content. The testimonials will appear as an ajax load after the rest of the webpage has loaded.

Step 2b - Choose your preferred widget style

There are two different types of widget Testimonial or Rated Reviews (out of 5 stars) choose your preference below (only copy one style not both).

For Standard Testimonials use this code:

<!-- Best placed at bottom of page before closing "body" tag -->
<script type="text/javascript" defer src="//"></script>

For Reviews Version starstarstarstarstar use this code:

<!-- Best placed at bottom of page before closing "body" tag -->
<script type="text/javascript" defer src="//">

For Slider / Scroll Version use this code:

<!-- Best placed at bottom of page before closing "body" tag -->
<script type="text/javascript" defer src="//"></script><script type="text/javascript" defer src="//"></script>

The only difference in the review version code is the use of t=r (for star ratings) instead of t=t (standard testimonial) setting in the code to change the mode of the widget.

The options below allow you to customise the widget appearance on your page so as to look in tune with your own color scheme. There are more features planned for later versions of the widget.

Widget Options
Each setting option needs to be preceded by an & symbol like in the above snippet.

add= [true | false] (Adds the [Add Testimonial] or [Add Review] link at bottom of widget)
c= [xxxxxx] (text color setting without)
b= [xxxxxx] (background color setting)
(New: b=trans will work as a transparent background and will blend in with your page!)
d= [true | false] (option to display the date of submission)
f= [date format]
1 = d.m.y (e.g. 30.10.14)
2 = m.d.y (e.g. 10.30.14)
3 = month day, year (e.g. October 30, 2014)
We will make option 3 the default
st= [x] (optional style setting 0=quotequote, 1 = tick icon tick, 3=none, others to be added soon)
t= [t | r] (optional t = testimonial mode and r = reviews mode with star ratings)
id= [xxxxxxxx] (your 8-digit member code as provided when you registered, not to be confused with your online password)
w= [x] width of widget in pixels
sh= [xxxpx] e.g. sh=160px (use to increase / decrease scroller/slider height)
r= 1 (rounded corners for widget)
form= [true] for scrolling widget: hidden form which displays on hover (click again to hide)

xxxxxx is the 6-digit Hex color value (note please do not include the # symbol for your hex color code)
NEW: b=trans will work as a transparent background and will blend in with your page! Works best with light backgrounds
NEW: form=true will add a inline form with ajax submission of the review for scroller / slider version

Step 3 - Collecting testimonials

Whenever you sell a product or service you should ask if it is okay to get a testimonial from the customer. There are 2 ways to do this (see below).

[Option 1] Email - You can email a link to customers and when they click on it they are brought to a online form for collecting a testimonial.
e.g.{your code}
You can also send out requests to up to 10 emails at a time from the online system (online dashboard).

[Option 2] Add button - You can also ask customers to visit your website and click the 'Add Testimonial' button at the bottom of your widget content.

Once added you will be sent a notification email requesting whether you wish to approve or remove a testimonial.

Step 4 - Approving / Unapproving Customer Testimonials

After each testimonial you will receive an email notification with a summary of the testimonial the customer has added.

You can ask the the customer to resubmit in the event of spelling and general errors or fix the typos yourself (online dashboard).
You can also logon to your account and request a new testimonial from the customer (online dashboard).

No more time wasted editing your webpage to add a review or customer feedback. Our service does it instantly for you.

Step 5 - Viewing the results

Simply visit the page where the widget was placed to see the new testimonial appear on the top. The widget displays the 5 most recent testimonials by default.
Other options such as [random] display are available in the premium version.

Additional display styles will also be available soon including a new builder feature to customise your widget.


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Example of Scroller Version
(background transparent)