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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us. You may find the answer to your query here in this list of questions...
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How should the code look on my page?

This first part is placed where you want the customer testimonials to appear on your website. An ideal location is a side column next to product or service offerings. You can paste the code altogether or as suggested.

<!-- Place where you want testimonials to appear -->
<div id="trobot"></div>

<!-- Best placed at bottom of page before closing "body" tag -->
<script type="text/javascript" defer src=""></script>

The only difference in the review version code is the use of t=r (for star ratings) instead of t=t (standard testimonial) setting in the code to change the mode of the widget.

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What are the widget options / settings?

The options below allow you to customise the widget appearance on your page so as to look in tune with your own color scheme. There are more features planned for the commercial versions of the widget.

Widget Options
Each setting option needs to be preceded by an & symbol like in the above snippet. (At the end of the src="...&b=trans&f=2" section etc)

add= [true | false] (Adds the [Add Testimonial] or [Add Review] link at bottom of widget)
c= [xxxxxx] (text color setting without)
b= [xxxxxx] (background color setting)
(New: b=trans will work as a transparent background and will blend in with your page!)
d= [true | false] (option to display the date of submission)
f= [date format]
1 = d.m.y (e.g. 30.10.14)
2 = m.d.y (e.g. 10.30.14)
3 = month day, year (e.g. October 30, 2014)
We will make option 3 the default
st= [x] (optional style setting 0=quotequote, 1 = tick icon tick, others to be added soon)
t= [t | r] (optional t = testimonial mode and r = reviews mode with star ratings)
id= [xxxxxxxx] (your 8-digit member code as provided when you registered, not to be confused with your online password)
w= [x] width of widget in pixels or exclude to have the width autofit to your window size
sh= [xxxpx] e.g. sh=160px (use to increase / decrease scroller/slider height)
r= 1 (rounded corners for widget)
form= [true] for scrolling widget: hidden form which displays on hover (click again to hide)

xxxxxx is the 6-digit Hex color value (note please do not include the # symbol for your hex color code)
NEW: b=trans will work as a transparent background and will blend in with your page! Works best with light backgrounds
NEW: form=true will add a inline form with ajax submission of the review for scroller / slider version

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Will payment be taken before my trial ends?

No. Simply notify us in advance or cancel yourself via your paypal account. We will refund anyone who was billed in error after notifying us of a cancelation.

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Can I hide the ratings and just show the text version?

Yes. Just change or add the setting &t=t to show no ratings and &t=r to show ratings.

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Can I seamlessly add testimonials / review from my website?

Yes. You can have an Ajax form appear when hovered for the scroll version.
(Make sure the setting &form=true is in the settings)

Or you can have a custom button with a popup form (lightbox style) that never leaves your website.

Or you can have a stylable iframe form, click to learn more

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Can I edit or delete testimonials?

Yes. You can edit or delete items from within the dashboard screen and the original author will be notified of the update. Please check your signup email for your logon details or visit the "forgot your password" section on the logon page.

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Can I use this on a Wordpress Blog ?

Yes. You can paste the full snippet into a widget box or text box on Wordpress. The snippet will work right away.

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Can have a Star Rating (no text) version ?

Yes. This is a new service. If you are a Pro Blogger and want to have this then please get in touch with us.

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Can I change the background color?

Add / change &b=e8e8e8 to &b=<new color> (6-digit hex value) . You can also make it transparent with &b=trans.

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Can I change the font color?

Add / change &c=222 to &c=<new color> (6-digit hex value).

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Can I add an image to my testimonials?

Yes. Within the dashboard you can upload 1 image per testimonial. This is then shown in the testimonial as a small thumbnail.

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Can I change the bottom right default icon image?

Yes. Just logon to the dashboard and in the settings screen you can upload a default image for your listings.

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Can I change the date format?

Simply add or change the setting in the src="" value to include "&f=2" to use US short date or "&f=1" to use european short date. Leave blank or use "&f=3" for the Month day, year format.

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My credit card is due to expire soon, will it affect my subscription

Yes. So you should update your paypal account with your new card before the old one expires or add funds to cover your fees. Then you will need to Re-Register using the option on our pricing page, quoting the member id you were sent via email when you first registered.

To choose a newer credit card for this subscription click here in your paypal.

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Why is my scrolling widget not working even though I added it correctly?

You should first check that there are no javascript errors on your page as a result of other plugins or widgets. Use Google Chrome (quite good for spotting errors) to check settings ->tools->javascript console

If you find and eliminate errors that should remedy the problem. Otherwise contact us and we will help you. Some older versions of Jquery can cause issues i.e. versions below 1.3.2 can cause problems.

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How can I change the look of the widget using CSS styling?

Use the following class and name IDs to alter css styles...

Use to style the form as you wish (add to <head> or within <body> )

#trobot {} /* wrapper container for the widget */
.trobot_head {} /* heading bar text */
.trobot_comments {} /* main text comments */
.trobot_button {} /* if add=true is set */
.trobot_form {} /* if form is present */


You can access form items also - just view source of your page to get the form IDs.

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Can I make the background transparent?

Yes. &b=trans should do the trick.

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Canceling a subscription

To cancel a subscription in your paypal account:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Click on the History subtab
  3. Choose the Subscriptions field from the Show drop-down menu
  4. Click Search
  5. To view the details of a specific Subscription Creation, click Details in the Details column
  6. At the bottom of this page, click Cancel Subscription
  7. On the confirmation page, click Cancel Subscription again

Alternatively you can use this url link

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Can I have different (or filtered) testimonial lists show dynamically?

Yes. If you registered for the PRO version you can use categories to show filtered results or results related to a specific product or service. You simply use &cat=<value> which then pulls only the items with that 'category' assigned.

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How do I add my review widget to Weebly?

1. Click on BUILD option and drag over an EMBED CODE widget to your page
2. Click on the dragged over section to edit the custom HTML and add your placement code <div id='trobot'></div> and snippet script code <script>...</script>

See an example here

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Example of Scroll version (live)

(Contact Our Support)

Weebly Users
Please review the last Faq link for information on how to use with Weebly.

Our widget is normally placed within the EMBED CODE object of a Weebly page.

Thank You,
Testmonial Robot Team.