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Custom Whitelabel Form

Need to have your own form on your own page?
Simply add this to your page supplying your Member ID in place of the XXXXXX below

Put below snippet on your page

<!-- Place where you want your form to appear -->
<iframe src = "//" title="Please add your entry" width="400px" height="400px" align="left" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Use to style the form as you wish (add to <head> or within <body> )


.form_trobot {font-size:12pt;} /* Labels text */
.form_trobot tr {vertical-align:top} /* align rows */
.form_trobot input[text] {font-size:12pt; background-color:#fff} /* Fields text */
.button_trobot {vertical-align:top; padding:8px; background-color:#ffcc00}


Example of form

Add the setting &name=Name of club to change the Name section of the form to a custom value.
If you need to add a different language repsonse to your customer add parameter: &returnto=url_of_custom_message.txt to your iframe.

Need it with the ratings?

Just add the &r=1 argument to the end of the source url after id=XXXXXX

Custom CSS